Updated Monday 19th March 2018

Summer League Start

Postponed to Wednesday 18th April

30 Teams Registered for the Summer League

Bargemans Renegades,   Bargemans Sails,   Barnstars,

Barnstormers,   Bembridge Cruisers,   Bembridge Wreckers,

Big Pucs,   Brighstone Badgers, Brighstone Bandits,

Brighstone Millers,   Falcon,   Fleming Broncos,

Fleming Magnets,   Horseshoe Elite,   Horseshoe Relics,

Horseshoe Ringers,   Hurricaine Sizzlers,   Newport Tankers,

Plessey Hotshots,   Plessey Rollers,   Plessey Royals,

Prince of Wales,   Simeon Scorpions,   Taverners Tornadoes,

The Travellers,   Ventnor Legionnaires, Ventnor Nomads,

Ventnor Tonkers,   Village Fokkers, Village Inn Rogues.