November 26th 2018

Rule 1. NAME.

The League shall be called “The Isle of Wight Petanque League”. This name shall appear on all business letters, notices etc. applicable to League business.

Rule 2. OBJECTS.

The objects of the IWPL are to organise Summer Leagues, Robert Godbold Trophy and Winter League in the best way to include EPA and non-EPA members as specified below.


  • Membership shall be persons who have paid the Annual Membership Fee.
  • Registered EPA members shall be allowed to play in IWPL Leagues and Competitions without further membership fees.
  • IWPL membership shall include adequate insurance for players at least equal to the cover guaranteed by EPA members. Membership shall not be denied to any person on grounds of sex, colour, politics or disability. Application for membership of the IWPL shall be in the form prescribed by the IWPL.


  • The IWPL shall be run by a committee of members.
  • This committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary and Membership Secretary, with four ordinary members. This committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, by a simple majority. In addition the Isle of Wight Region of the EPA (The Association,) shall appoint two members of it’s committee to serve on the Committee of the IWPL.

  • The Committee of the IWPL shall have the right to refuse membership to any individual or club. Also the right to expel any members, or Club, that in the opinion of the Committee brings the game of Petanque, or the IWPL into disrepute. Before any such member or Club is expelled the Secretary shall give seven (7) days notice, in writing, for attendance at a meeting of the Committee at which the expulsion is to be considered.
  • No members, or Club shall be expelled without first having the opportunity of appearing before the Committee and answering the complaint against them, nor unless two thirds of the Committee present at such a hearing, vote in favour of expulsion. Upon expulsion under this paragraph any subscriptions paid for the current year may be returned wholly, or in part, at the discretion of the Committee. Any expelled members, or Club shall forfeit all rights to, and claim upon the League, it’s property or funds.

Rule 5. RECORDS.

The officers of the IWPL shall be responsible for keeping full and detailed records and accounts which shall be available for inspection at all convenient times, and in particular at each Annual General Meeting.

Rule 6. FEES.

IWPL Membership Fees and any Club Registration Fee for non-EPA Clubs, League and Robert Godbold Trophy entry fees, together with any further fees, shall be determined at the League Annual General Meeting.


The IWPL shall be affiliated to the English Petanque Association IW Region (The Association) on payment of an Annual Affiliation Fee to be negotiated annually and to be paid in May each year. In return all clubs will be included in the Association Fixtures Card, and will be informed of all events being held in the IW Region.


Meetings of the membership should take place at least 3 times a year for such purposes as the Committee may determine. Notice shall be sent to every Club not less than 28 days before the date of the meeting.

At least once in every twelve calendar months, the Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting when the Agenda shall include:-

a). Apologies for absence.

b). To approve the minutes of the last AGM.

c). To receive the Chairman’s Report.

d). To receive, and if resolved, adopt the IWPL Accounts and the Auditors and Financial report.

e). To receive the Fixture Secretary’s Report.

f). To receive reports from other Officers wishing to speak.

g). To determine the rates of all League Membership and entry Fees.

h). To consider, and if resolved, approve motions submitted in accordance with the Constitution.

(1). To amend the Constitution.

(2). Proposed by the Committee.

(3). Proposed by Registered Clubs (including EPA Registered Clubs).

i). To elect IWPL Committee members.

j). To appoint an Auditor, or Auditors.

k). Any other business (no vote can be taken on matters under this item).


The Constitution of the IWPL may be rescinded or altered by a vote of 2/3 of the members present at an Annual General Meeting. Proposals to amend the Constitution shall be submitted to the Committee in accordance to the Notice of the AGM sent to Clubs. No proposal to amend the Constitution which has been defeated, nor any like effect, shall again be proposed until a period of two calendar years has elapsed.


Any complaint re- the behaviour of any member, or Club shall be sent to the Committee in writing, and shall be dealt with under the IWPL discipline and appeal procedures.


In the event of the IWPL being dissolved at any time, any League funds and/or assets will be disposed of at the discretion of the Committee holding office at that time. Any property belonging to the EPA Isle of Wight Region will be returned to the Association.


The Committee shall have the power to deal with any matter not provided for under these Rules.

Rule 13. GRANTS

The League may make such grants to Registered League Clubs for improvement and building of terrains as determined by the “Grant Aid” parameters.

For, and on behalf of the Committee - , Secretary.