IWPL Rules

English Petanque Association-Isle of Wight Region

and Isle of Wight Petanque League

Local Rules and Regulations as at 27th November 2017




1.         All Clubs should register with the EPA-IOW Region or IWPL by 1st February annually.            Please inform the EPA-IWR or League Secretary of any change of Club Secretary so            that all information can be distributed to the correct person.

(a)       All clubs must be registered annually with the EPA-IWR or IWPL all individual             players must hold a current IWPL or EPA-IWR membership BEFORE playing in any        IWPL  League or EPA-IWR Competition. Any team playing an un-licenced player will            be disqualified from the competition and further action may be taken against the club          involved at the discretion of the Committee.

(b)       All players must be registered for insurance purposes and have a membership number        which must be entered on the score sheet. If a player is named on a score sheet   without a number shown it will be assumed that the player is not registered and       therefore not insured. If this is proven to be the case, then the offending team will be    deducted 5 (five)match points at the end of the season.

2.         There are three to four members meetings each year and Clubs must send a             representative. If no one attends and the League Secretary receives no apology for        absence, a warning will be issued on the first occasion, should the club not be    represented at the next Members Meeting a fine of £10 (Ten Pounds) will be imposed      on the offending club.

3.         It is recommended that facilities should be available for each team entered in the      Summer League and the Robert Godbold Trophy Competition (i.e. two teams-2 pistes)

4.         Players are “tied” for the seasons having played for a particular team. However,        transfers will be allowed if notice is sent to the Fixtures Secretary by the 4th week. No   movements will be allowed after the 5th week of the season.

            Winter and Summer leagues run on automatic promotion and relegation basis. Should         any teams circumstances change, application for league status should be sent to the      Fixture Secretary and the Committee’s decision will be final.

5.         Should any fines be outstanding, the Committee will have the right to refuse entry for             the following year.




1.         Players may only use Competition Boule in EPA-IWR or IWPL Competitions and     Leagues. Each Boule in the set of three should carry the following marks

            The makers name or marks, and the weight of the Boule,

            A maker’s certificate, showing the serial number and the above information, plus the            diameter and the striation (pattern) is usually supplied with new Boule.

            PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE “DOG” OR “LEISURE” BOULES (See the         official EPA Rule Book-Article 2A and 2B).

2.         Minims/Cadets/Juniors are allowed to use “junior boules” in EPA-IWR and IWPL       Leagues and Competitions.


3.         Players are required to use the throwing circles provided by the League. The players feet must be entirely on the inside of the circle and must not encroach on the perimeter.


4.         The team winning the toss or the previous end will have one attempt to throw a valid jack, if this jack is not valid it is handed to the opponent who may place it at any valid position on the designated terrain.




1. (a)   The Home Team will make out three copies of the Results Sheet which must be        completed with the Names and Licence Numbers of ALL PLAYERS, the result of each           “Leg” and the total score and match points won. ALL COPIES must be checked by     both Team Captains, signed by them and distributed as follows: One copy to to be           given to the visiting teams captain, One copy to be retained by the home team, and       one copy to be sent to the Fixture Secretary IMMEDIATELY.

(b)       Failure to forward the results copy to the Fixture Secretary by mid-day on the             Monday after the match has been played will result in a fine of one penalty point being    deducted for each offence committed from the home teams total number of League       Points. This deduction will be made at the discretion of the Committee.

            There are 5 match points awarded for every match (7 in the Winter League). 1 point for        each Leg won, plus 2 points for the overall score- 1 point to each team for a draw.

2.         Any unplayed leg, because of insufficient players, will be scored 13-0 to the team that          are present. Teams turning up short of players may arrange to play with reduced players in any, or all legs, and/or forfeit one leg (See D2) Abandoned matches –(See       F4)

3.         In the Summer League and Godbold Trophy unplayed matches, as a result of a team           failing to turn up, will be awarded to the team present with a score of 39-0, plus 5          match points. In the Winter League the match will be awarded to the team present with       a score of 65-35, plus 7 match points (If possible the score sheet should be signed by      a person uninvolved with either team when submitted). The guilty team will also have      15 match points deducted from the League total-(See Rule D3)


            1. League and Godbold Cup matches should start by 7.30p.m. and the last leg not later       than 9.15 p.m. when the 1st and second          legs have been completed.

2. If a team is short on players, the last leg must start on time, if the missing player(s)            arrive after 9.15 p.m. they may be allowed to join in after the end being played has            finished.

            3. Penalty points can be claimed for a late start at the rate of 5 points after the first 15           minutes, and 1 point for every five minutes after that.

            4.  In the event of a team failing to turn up without the required notice (See note F       below). On the first occasion a warning will be issued, on the second a fine of £10.00             will be imposed. If a third occurs the Committee will disqualify the team at their      discretion and may not allow entry in subsequent years (For scoring see C4).








            1. Players must have played for the team during the Godbold League, or IWPL          members who

            (a) Are bona fide members of the club they are representing.

            (b) They have not played for any other team in the Godbold season.




1.         The dates shown in the fixtures card should be the latest date on which matches        should be played.

            If teams cannot agree on an alternative date, then the original date will remain in force          and the fixture MUST take place with the players available. If the home terrain is not    available, a neutral venue can be agreed, or the away venue used. The Home Team is             responsible for all      arrangements, including notifying the Fixture Secretary of any          change to the set fixture.

2.         Postponement of fixtures will require 8 days notice except in the case of emergencies occurring on the day of the fixture, ie thunder and lightning, flooding of the terrain, floodlight failure etc. An alternative date should be set upon the agreement to postpone. This date must be before the end of the season or points will be lost by both teams. Teams that re-arrange their fixture prior to the scheduled fixture date by mutual agreement will not be penalised.

3.         If a team re-arranges more than three fixtures, they will be asked to justify their actions          by the Committee and this could result in their exclusion from the League the following         year.

4.         Abandoned matches will be replayed as postponed matches (See E1) unless the third        leg has started, when the scores will stand at the time of abandonment.






1.         Any player called away on an emergency during a match may be replaced by:

(a)       A previously nominated reserve or,

(b)       A player from his/her team who has already played, the names to be put in a hat and drawn by the opposing Captain.




These variations must be read in conjunction with the “Official International Rules of the Game of Petanque” as adopted by the British Petanque Federation and are only applicable to EPA-IWR and IWPS Regional Competitions and Leagues.

Article 5 – Terrain size. The EPA-IWR and IWPS will accept a smaller size of terrain subject to the approval by the Regional Officials. All terrains MUST have a string approximately no less than 10 cms inside the terrain boundary to avoid confusion with the “out of bounds” rule.

Article 6- Distance from the circle to any obstacle- substitute ½ for 1 metre.


Article 7 – Valid distance for a thrown jack     

                                    (7ii)- substitute ½ metre

                                    (7iii)- substitute ½ metre

                                    (7-3rd para)- Line 1-substitute ½ metre        

Article 16- Para 2 – “Team Mate” is deemed to be a member of the triple or pair playing at the actual game/leg NOT the Team Captain, Coach or other team member not playing in that actual game/leg.

Article 31-Para 2- Substitute 5 points for 1 point.


The Regional or any other qualified Umpire will gladly answer any queries on the Rules of Petanque MEMBERS SHOULD ALSO OBEY THE EPA IWR AND IWPS CODE OF CONDUCT


The official web site for the IWPL is http://iwpl.webs.com/


A full set of EPA Rules can be downloaded from www.englishpetanque.org.uk